Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Streusel shortcake, redux

Leftover streusel shortcake means one of two things: either you ran out of strawberries with cinnamon and amaretto, or you want to do something fun with the peaches you scored so you can eat more streusel shortcake. 

Yes, we ran out of strawberries.  And yes, we scored peaches.  And Vindaloo being Vindaloo, she decided to macerate the peaches in Domaine de Canton, a French ginger liqueur, which was a lovely counterpoint to the fresh peaches.

This is a gorgeous elixir, pungent with Vietnamese ginger, great for sipping on its own, or for enhancing whatever you think would pair well with ginger.  Think stonefruit, blueberries, apples and pears.  Domaine de Canton also makes beautiful cocktails.  Currently, The French Ginger Martini is a fave for its combination of orange and ginger elements.  Make sure your ingredients are ice cold before sipping so you can enjoy the transformation as the cocktail slowly warms.  I've found allowing the cocktail to warm slowly to be a challenge, however, since this drink is so intriguingly tasty.

You can find other magical cocktail recipes here, or you can sip Domaine de Canton straight up in elegant little cordial glasses, which is what we often do.  As you can see by the level of the liquid in the bottle, it's very popular as an after dinner drink at The Voluptuous Table.
Making the peach streusel shortcake is simple using leftover streusel shortcake from the original recipe.  Macerate the peaches, peeled and sliced, for about an hour with a little granulated sugar and a little Domaine de Canton.  Slice and warm the shortbread, spoon the peaches and their juices on top, then top with whipped cream and some chopped crystalized ginger.


  1. OMG -- I bought some Domaine de Canton because I was looking for St. Germaine liqueur and the liquor store was out. The guy there said, "But try this," so I bought it assuming it was basically a sub for the St. Germaine. It's not, but what a taste! I convinced my hubby to take it with us to a dinner party -- he was skeptical -- and they drank almost half the bottle. Whew. And now I have to try it with your peach shortcake.

    1. Yes, it's more than fabulous, Lee. My bottle will be gone after this weekend, but I'm comforted with the thought that there's more out there!