Sunday, September 25, 2011

A botanical blunder

Well, it seems that my readership includes several amateur botanists.  And so, it is with great humility that I make the following correction:  Bananas, like money, do not grow on trees (which have a woody core).  Bananas grow on plants, which are softer-stemmed.  In fact, in my research, I discovered (among other interesting things) that the banana plant is the largest of the herbaceous flowering plants.  Tall, sturdy, and oh my gosh!  Often mistaken for a tree!

As Vindaloo traipsed down the proverbial garden path, she made an assumption about the nature of the plant living in her backyard, thinking it was something it was not.  One might draw a parallel here to the Garden of Eden and Eve's mistaken assumption about the apple she would eat after she had her conversation with a talking snake, but it's probably not necessary to take the analogy that far.  After all, today is much too beautiful of a day to grapple with the existential implications of mortality, and the thoughts and motives of Eve and her talking snake.  Eve should have been much more concerned about the fact that snakes do not talk.

Well, at least the snakes in Vindaloo's back yard don't.  And let's hope she does her research a little more thoroughly next time.

Thanks to all of you who are on your toes and made comments.  And thanks again for reading The Voluptuous Table.

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  1. No Just professional nitpickers... hah! BTW interesting if sparsely written to food blog you might like